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American artist, Paul D. Sinclair, is a Chicago, IL native that is currently residing in Indianapolis, IN with his wife, Dee Anne Sinclair, and two young puppies. He is the son of the late Queen and William Grant Sinclair and has four adult children (two from a prior marriage). In addition to his love for art & photography, Paul has a passion for the great outdoors, tennis, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Paul is also a devout Christian and credits God for giving him his incredible artistic talent.

“As Christians, we know that God created heaven and earth. As an artist, I attempt to artistically try to show through art and photography the persons, places and things that God has made.” Paul D. Sinclair

Art has been an integral part of Paul’s life for as long as he can remember. At six years young, he started receiving pointers from his older brother. As a sophomore in high school, his art teacher recognized his gift and encouraged him to enroll into her advanced art class the following year. He followed this direction into higher education and received his Bachelor of Arts through Anderson University. While attending Anderson University, the chairman of the art department remarked that Paul ‘was one of the finest artists that had enrolled’. This statement stimulated his desire to pursue art at a professional level, and continued on with his education to earn his Master of Arts from Herron School of Art in Indianapolis.

After completing his formal training years, Paul went on to teach art and inspire other talented kids, as his academic advisers inspired him. He may be retired from teaching, but he continues to paint (with the pointillism technique) and photograph nature’s beauty.


One thought on “Artist Profile

  1. Hi Paul – just a reminder that we still haven’t received the Karman Ghia print we ordered months ago, along with the free puppy in the blanket print you promised because of the long delay. WHATS UP? Joel Nitz in Huntsville AL

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