The earliest time that I can remember being interested in art was at age 6.  I can remember that my oldest brother David came for a visit.  During his visit I watched him draw a design on a white hooded jacket.  The sight of my big brother drawing intrigued me immensely. Beginning this day I started drawing everything I could think of or things that I saw.  By the time I was in 3rd grade, I was blessed with having many friends that I felt drew very well.  I spent a lot of time learning from them and copying some of the same topics that they drew.  By the time I reached high school, my art teacher asked me if I had signed up for advanced art for the next school year.  I answered no,  I have not signed up for art.  I also said, “I can’t take that class…those students are good”.  Her reply to me was, “and so are you”.  Needless to say, upon graduating from high school I attended college as an art major.

I am blessed to be able to re-create on paper what God has created.  Since my topics for art and photography is of nature and wildlife.  God has created my subject.  I only can put it on paper in the manner in which I choose to interpret.


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